We are now currently in a series titled. "Not Today" and in this series we are learning things followers of Jesus should not do, today and everyday.



Week One- Sin
We all know as a christian we should try to live sinless lives. What should we do when we do sin and how should we treat others when they sin?
Scripture- John 8:2-11
Week Two- Fear
Scripture- Matthew Chapts. 8, 10 & 14
Jesus teaches we should not fear things of this world but fear the one who can control your eternity.
Week Three- Worry
Scripture- Matthew 6:25-34
What can by worrying be added to your life? We are to trust God. He knows what we need today and tomorrow.
Week Four- Judge
Scripture- Matthew 7:1-5
Judge others in the way you want to be judged. How do you want to be judged? Mercifully? Don't judge but love.
Week Five-Doubt
Scripture- John 6:60-67
Doubt, everyone has doubted at one time or another. Don't settle in your doubt but take your doubt to God and allow Him to show you the truth.



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