the way



The Way series is to decipher the word "Christian". The term is used so widely these days but what does it mean to be a Christian. The word "Christian" is not used in the bible but the word "Disciple" is. So what is the difference? This series will help make a clear division between the two.
murder mystery
Valentine's Day Activities


This coming Sunday we will have special Valentine's Day Activities. We will begin the afternoon with a dinner mystery skit called, Murder at the Midnight Hour. As you enjoy a nice dinner you'll watch a funny skit played by a few of GraceWay's folks. Then after dinner we will watch the great prayer movie, "The WarRoom" Come and join us for a fun filled evening.
Feb. 14th / 4:00pm
This will replace our morning service
We will have movies for the children to watch that is more to their age/interest.



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